• Josh Pilachowski

AI and Machine Learning: Beyond the Buzzwords

While drinking my coffee this morning I read an article titled Blockchain is Dead? Crypto Geeks Debate Merits of Once Dear Tech which made me think, well if blockchain is dead, what’s the next expensive distraction that the credit union industry will obsess over before it fizzles to make way for another such distraction?

The answer seems pretty clear to me that it’s going to be artificial intelligence (AI) or its sibling, machine learning, both of which, like blockchain, have relevant use cases.  As with blockchain, this industry will likely devalue the usefulness of AI and machine learning by deploying them as buzzwords superimposed on every novel idea they come up with from basic chat bots, simple voice assistant integration, or some basic data-driven decision making while continuing its path of merger and irrelevance.

Based on this trend, I think the industry would be best served by using AI or machine learning to do things that materially innovate the services and benefits we provide to membership. The opportunity I’m seeing here is for credit unions to use these tools to better understand how they can improve their own operations by using the concepts and technology to drive decisions and process data. The end result?: CUs can ultimately provide better products, services, and experiences to the end user.

If the trend isn’t disrupted, AI and machine learning will face the same fate as blockchain (and a near endless string of expensive distractions before) and become novelties or buzzwords. Our hope at DaLand CUSO is to help our credit union partners understand the meaning and practical application of emerging technologies. And, after everyone understands the technology, and DaLand has supported the CU’s alignment of the technology with their strategy, my team gets the awesome privilege of creating the infrastructure to drive that experience from their core.

Buzzwords are useless and a waste of time. Strategic discussion, practical applications, and clean implementation are what make the difference.

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